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Nefeli Interactive Fleet Manager

The fleet management system Nefeli FCI is a leading system made for the management of the road assistance company Mondial Assistance. Unlike most similar systems, the Nefeli FCI focuses its operation in the management of real-time events. It consists of a package of applications for different platforms, a control center, communications systems, mobile clients (for vehicles), and applications for customers.

Some of the features of the system are:

• Monitoring of the fleet and the incidents live on live maps with lots of information.

• Management of small groups of external Admins.

• Assign incidents directly from the management center to a vehicle, or to a remote group Admin.

• Automatic notifications to the client for the progress of the call.

• Identify the client’s position within the application.

• Automatic navigation to the point where the customer is located, and then to the vehicle delivery point. (Eg garage).

• Statistics for all incidents and viewing maps of routes with different information.

• Instant Messaging & Voice channel for direct communication with fleet managers from within the application.

• Record details of damage – state of the vehicle at the reception.

• Digital customer signature confirmation and acceptance of the vehicle condition upon receipt

 Nefeli FCI  is until today in continuous development by adding new functions to better serve Mondial Assistance needs, and the proper management of cases.


November 9, 2015


Mobile, Multi Platform, Web