Mobile TeleMedicine

Mobile TeleMedicine

24/7 Protection for you and your loved ones wherever you are.

This is an emergency assistance system (and not only) made in collaboration with CardioExpress telemedicine.

Some features of Mobile TeleMedicine:

• Panic button (always available on the mobile screen even when it is locked).

• Caller Location.

• Direct connection to the medical center CardioExpress telemedicine.

• Alerts notifications to a relative –  friendly person.

• Medications – measurements (pressure – sugar) reminders,  with automatic notifications of a relative –  friendly person in case of delays.

• Ability to setup and update reminders on the device directly, or from the medical center (for people who are not familiar with the technology).

• Medical file with call history, medications, measurements, diagrams of the pressure and blood sugar (glucosylated).

• Rescue Management in an emergency.




May 19, 2016


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