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Accident Care Records

The first electronic accident reporting system in Greece.

The ACR is an innovative system for recording and manageming road accident , and its development has been done for  Mondial Assistance. The purpose of the app is the detailed recording of the accident, and the folder management until it is ‘closed’. The application records all the information found in the special form of accident statement, but also additional information such as the details of all those involved,  possible wounded persons etc.

Also, the recording of the accident become graphics on live map of the possition, with the addition of vehicles, signaling points, routes, etc.

The recording of losses also become graphics separately for each vehicle, and there is a description of the event with text.

The signature of the customer is stored digitally, and also any pictures taken from the point,  in the event electronic file, and all this using a tablet Android.




May 19, 2016


Mobile, Multi Platform