Custom Applications Development

Every business, large or small, has its own strategy, and therefore its own unique requirements. Whether it’s about managing your business, for advertising applications, or for one of your own idea, a specialized application tailored to your own requirements is giving you the advantage. As technological development now allows the creation of custom applications at reasonable costs even for small business today is easier than ever to get the lead. A custom application is a tool that thinks like you, and organize your business as you want.
Smartphones and tablets, have entered our lives now for good. Over 70% of the use of internet is from mobile devices and applications. What better way to advertise your products, your business, connect with your partners and your customers? HelectronSoft is specializing in the development of such applications, which require combined technologies (Mobile – Web – Desktop – DataBases), and multimedia applications with great success.

Why choose HelectronSoft

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Value for Money

Utilizing re-usable tested and reliable code (modules) for specific functions of an application, we achieve to reduce the time and therefore the cost to build the application.

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We have build applications and complex systems for very large companies with big success. Some of these projects you can see in our portfolio.

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We support our customers throughout the cooperation with immediate response and service for each application that we have developed.

Start Today!

With the cost of construction for a simple mobile application to start at € 1,000 it is easier than ever to get your application.

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What we offer?

Every application is build based ont the ideas and needs of the customer. From design, development, up to the operation, and future upgrades, HelectronSoft is next to the customer and guarantee the correct operation of the application.


The design of the application is always with the customer, based on the original idea and needs, combined with modern technological solutions we propose.


All applications are made following the original design, always in native interface for each platform, thereby achieving maximum quality and efficiency.

Final Product

After intensive testing, the application is ready for use. Follows installation procedures - publication and proper function test in a real environment.


As technology runs fast and sometimes needs change, all applications have the ability for upgrades and major changes.